Akazi Kanoze Access knows that generating meaningful results is only made possible by committed partners across Rwanda. AKA certifies organizations to implement the Work Readiness Curriculum (WRC) and Income Generating Activity (IGA) and Cooperative Management, which provide market-relevant work and life skills in order to transition youth to work.  The Implementing Partner (IP) is responsible for providing Akazi Kanoze training, as well as costs and trainers. AKA will provide Master Trainers to conduct a training of trainers (TOT) for new non partners and provide official certification to participants who successfully complete the program. To apply for certification to implement the Work Readiness Curriculum, IGA and Cooperative Management without the issuance of grant funds please complete the following application and submit the documents listed below to partners@akazikanoze.org.

Please Include:

Application Cover Sheet: Name of the applying organization; Location and telephone of the office; Name and contact information of the President or Owner or Executive Director; and Name and contact information for routine correspondence regarding the application.

Proposed Activity Description: In 2 pages maximum, the applicant should describe its proposed activities. The applicant should include the following sections:

a) Youth Recruitment: Applicants should describe their recruitment process and describe the participants they intend to serve (age, gender, levels of education, current social and economic situation, etc.)

b) Approach to Work Readiness and IGA & Cooperative Management TrainingApplicants should describe when and how the training will be delivered, including core work readiness curriculum, IGA and Cooperative Management and any additional specialized training that is identified as necessary.

c) Youth Transition Support and Follow-upDescribe what (include when and with whom) the organization will do to secure transition opportunities (in work, entrepreneurship or training) to participants who complete the Akazi Kanoze program and how the organization will follow up with participants upon completion of the program.

Application Form: Complete and submit the Organizational Capacity Form. 

Supporting Material: A recent institutional financial report that illustrates the organizations financial capacity to implement the Work Readiness  and IGA and Cooperative Management curriculums; A recent annual report that illustrates the activities and accomplishments of the organization; Proof of legal registration / recognition as an operating entity.

Download a guide for more information, or an application form here. Email partners@akazikanoze.org for more information.