Armed with the Akazi Kanoze training, students graduate with the ability to significantly contribute to the economic development of their communities and country by entering the workforce as skilled employees and creating jobs as passionate entrepreneurs. Akazi Kanoze meaning “work well done”, inspires a self-reliant generation by building linkages with the employment market and equipping Akazi Kanoze youth with the necessary tools and resources for productive engagement in Rwandan society. 

Mission & Vision

AKA’s mission is to provide Rwandan youth with the employability skills, capital, and support necessary to take advantage of economic opportunities. AKA’s vision is to empower Rwandans with employment-oriented skills and services, enabling access to economic opportunities.

Our Values

Integrity is the possession and steadfast adherence to high ethical standards and principles while striving to be transparent in our operations. We do not tolerate unethical behavior; we challenge it as a matter of personal responsibility, regardless of our position in AKA. We do the right thing, always. We appropriately question actions inconsistent with our core values. We make honesty and transparency the foundation for all actions. We are accountable at all levels.

Excellence in achieving a high standard of accountability for our work in delivery, measuring, and reporting. We strive to achieve excellent results. We recognize achievement and reward high performance. We respond rapidly with high energy and resilience to the needs and expectations of our stakeholders. We promote teamwork and work together to promote AKA values and mission. We take pride in producing high-quality work and delivering exceptional service to internal and external customers.

Professionalism is the commitment to meeting AKA’s obligations to provide impactful services to stakeholders, and to positively influence the Rwandan community and building mutual trust among AKA and its stakeholders. We exercise high levels of professionalism in our work and reward merit. We work collaboratively towards our common goal of serving Rwandan youth regardless of individual roles or functions and apply the same ethos with our partners. We share our knowledge of best practices with colleagues at all levels to enhance the quality of AKA services.

Innovation by continuing to pioneer groundbreaking programs to empower Rwandans to take advantage of economic opportunities. AKA is driven by continuous improvement. We find new ways to make things better. We optimize results by working smarter. We are empowered to take risks, learn and grow. We learn from our failures and our successes.