Success Story: Meet Fabien


"Success is a result of commitment and hard work." These are the words of Fabien Murekezi, a business owner and entrepreneur, who graduated from Akazi Kanoze three years ago. Fabien first heard of Akazi Kanoze when he was a high school graduate and farming for a living. At that time, he was not seeing his future as a farmer rather in a professional environment, and knew that people who had the Akazi Kanoze certificate had more chances of being hired. He thought the training provided customer care skills, and believed that he needed those skills in his ambitions to be an entrepreneur and later, a district mayor. When the opportunity to be trained came in his home sector, Fabien did not think twice before registering. "All I wanted was customer care skills, but I received a far more interesting package. One of the sessions that I will forever be grateful for is Goal Setting", says Fabien. 

At his time of glory, Fabien inspired himself from Akazi Kanoze program. He knew it was time for him to think of and implement an income generating activity. He started a grocery store in his home area, and paid two years rent for the premises he was using. With the savings skills he also acquired from the training, he managed to build two commercial houses from the money he was earning from the shop. Fabien is more confident about the future. He is saving to expand and scale his business into a hardware store, and earn a university degree. Furthermore, he wants to build more commercial houses and support his fellow youth in starting businesses by providing them mentorship and small funds.