Vote for Akazi Kanoze as the Most Promising TVET Model in Africa!

African Union Partnership Program

Akazi Kanoze has been nominated as one of the most innovative TVET models in Africa and we need your support to win this competition! You can vote for us here:

Read on for more information about the competition about why Akazi Kanoze is the best TVET model in Africa! 

The African Union Commission, in collaboration with USAID and FHI360, is launching a competition to uncover the 20 most promising models in technical vocational education and training (TVET) for the 21st century: technical and vocational education that provides needed skills for Africa’s developing economies in the African Union’s 54 member countries. Voting results are key factor in selecting along with criteria as outlined in the solicitation guidelines. Winners will be promoted in African Union publications and events, and partner websites. 

Voting Criteria: 
1. Is the technical vocational education and training (TVET) program in Africa delivering skills for the 21st century? Absolutely. The Akazi Kanoze program was pioneered to provide market-relevant skills to students across Rwanda. We respond to the needs of our students, continually developing new programs like our IGA and Cooperative Management program, to keep our students' skills up-to-date!
2. Are students finding jobs and becoming successful entrepreneurs through the TVET program? You tell us! 65% of our gradates are employed 6 months after graduation, and more than 2,300 business have been started by Akazi Kanoze graduates, ranging from ICT service providers to beekeeping cooperatives.  
3. Is the technical vocational education and training (TVET) program demand-driven and employer-led? We continually develop new skills for our graduates that don't even exist yet! Akazi Kanoze looks forward, which is why we worked with DfiD to develop an early childhood development (ECD) caregivers program, which targets employment for young women. We also have created a Private Sector Advisory Committee to keep AKA up-to-date on employment trends and the new skills that are most demanded by employers.