Youth Livelihoods Project, Education Development Center (EDC)

EDC is providing technical assistance and a seed grant to incubate Akazi Kanoze Access as a new NGO. EDC is providing capacity-building support, as well as supporting the development of new and current partnerships with Implementing Partners and public and private sector organizations. Through this partnership, AKA is partnering with youth workforce development and employment promotion programs across Rwanda in order to promote effective, far-reaching interventions.

Youth Skills Development and Job Placement/Self-Employment Services, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)

Working with GIZ, Akazi Kanoze Access is continuing to innovate programs in conjunction with the flagship Work Readiness Curriculum. JOC Rwanda and CEFOTRAR are partnering with AKA to provide 300 youth with relevant technical training and skills in welding, mechanics, masonry, carpentry, and hair dressing. Youth will continue to be supported in finding relevant internships, jobs, and self-employment opportunities. 

Youth Employability Skills with Mahama Refugee Camp Youth, Save the Children

In partnership with Save the Children, Akazi Kanoze Access will train 205 refugee youth in work readiness. This training will equip graduates with the necessary skills and competencies to find and keep work, start small businesses, and become productive members of society. Some youth will additionally benefit from trainings in hair cutting, functional English literacy, and basic literacy and numeracy.