Beginning in 2009 as a USAID-funded project implemented by EDC, the Akazi Kanoze work readiness training has successfully prepared 19,000+ youth for work. These youth have come together to develop the work and life skills necessary to become productive citizens with life-long livelihood opportunities. 

Across Rwanda, the Akazi Kanoze method has been used to start nearly 2,500 new businesses in sectors from agro-processing to computer repair. Many employed youth also participate in Income-Generating Activities (IGAs) or participate in savings groups with their fellow Akazi Kanoze graduates. 

Akazi Kanoze enables youth to ensure their skills are market-relevant and up-to-date. More than 65% of youth are employed six months after graduation, either running their own business or at a Rwandan company. Akazi Kanoze graduates report income nearly twice the national average.