aka background

AKA was created in 2015 as a sustainability initiative from the AKAZI KANOZE: Youth Livelihoods Development project implemented by Education Development Center, Inc. (EDC) and funded by USAID which trained twenty thousand youths among whom sixty five percent were employed in the six months following their graduation.

Since its creation, AKA has been engaged in various programs which include employability skills, access to capital and productive means, access to market, advocacy and various other interventions relative to youth empowerment.

Up to date, AKA has undertaken many projects with assistance of foreign donors and community participation. Now, AKA has full confidence of donors, community and Government Institutions in Rwanda and is recognized at national level due to outstanding services to the people.

AKA has over the years engaged in activities that are driven by programs and policies aimed at influencing change in societies and transforming individuals lives especially youths in positive direction.