our strategic plan

AKA has defined its goals around its core values and business. These goals are mostly related to what AKA do:

1) providing employability skills,

2) Facilitating access to capital and other productive capacities, and

3) facilitating or supporting access to market.

In addition to this core services, AKA will advocate for youth friendly policies and programs while building up the capacity of its partners (YSO).

To achieve its goals AKA will use two approaches. The first consists of continuing to raise other resources/funds from a variety of donors including, but not limited to, USAID, building partnerships with well-established NGOs such as EDC to outsource programs.

Secondly, AKA will develop a consulting capacity to provide fee-based services to private companies.

Finally, AKA will develop fee-based relevant services, which could be marketed/sold to youth through universities, high schools, TVET schools, churches, and private sector employers.