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Huguka Dukore AKazi Kanoze (HDAK) funded by USAID and implemented by EDC Inc.

Huguka Dukore is a five-year project which started in 2017 with the aim of providing forty thousand out-of-school Rwandan youths with market relevant employability skills. The project works with a target of connecting youths aged between 16 and 30 years who have between six and nine years of basic education with relevant job skills training, so they can find stable employment, start their own small businesses, or pursue further education. As a consortium member on the Huguka Dukore Project, AKA is responsible for training the trainers who will train the youths, but also ensuring the quality delivery of the trainings to the youths.

School-based entrepreneurship teacher, Educate! Exchange Program

In 2016, Educate! & Akazi Kanoze Access proposed to run a follow-up program to support the new Competence-Based Curriculum (CBC) for the entrepreneurship subject. This program would provide training for upper-secondary District Master Trainers (DMAST) in 10 districts and extend the CBC Entrepreneurship training support to 20 Entrepreneurship Subject Specific Leaders (SSL) teachers. The DMAST and SSL would be additionally facilitated to provide in-school support to entrepreneurship teachers in their sectors based on the E!Exchange model. Educate!’s goal is to focus on the new competence-based methods of the entrepreneurship curriculum, especially Skills Lab and Student Business Clubs.

Youth employability skills in Mahama refugee camp with Save the Children

In partnership with Save the Children, Akazi Kanoze Access have trained 205 refugee youth in work readiness. This training will equip graduates with the necessary skills and competencies to find and keep work, start small businesses, and become productive members of society. Some youth will additionally benefit from trainings in hair cutting, functional English literacy, and basic literacy and numeracy.

Youth skills development and job placement / self employment services with GIZ

Working with GIZ, Akazi Kanoze Access is continuing to innovate programs in conjunction with the flagship Work Ready Now Curriculum. JOC Rwanda and CEFOTRAR are partnering with AKA to provide 300 youths with relevant technical training and skills in welding, mechanics, masonry, carpentry, and hair dressing. Youth will continue to be supported in finding relevant internships, jobs, and self-employment opportunities.

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