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Autonomy in Learning

Uwase Marie Claire is a student at Gatsibo TVET school in the Industrial Electricity trade in Level 5. She is one of the students who are learning through BRITE e-learning materials. “Before using these materials in our classes, the trainer would come and start teaching, giving notes and sometimes they would mention an object or material we would not get well what the trainer meant because most of the students would be hearing even those terms for the first time.

With the e-learning materials, we started using online lessons that are accompanied with pictures and videos; personally I was happy when we learned about pico hydro power plant, learning about its use was easier and exciting because I could see pictures and videos” says Claire. She continued expressing her gratitude to the project especially for the autonomy they now have in accessing those e-lessons. “The trainer gives us exercises and after class we go back to the computer lab as we have credentials to log into the platform, we do research and in the morning we make presentations. This helps us to stay focused and to actually enjoy the lessons” Claire says.

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