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Better Together...

Ingabire Delphine & Nyirabizeyimana Divine, living in Kiziguro sector Gatsibo district are both SDEPAY project graduates in WRN & BYOB. They met during technical trainings which were supported by Plan International Rwanda. Delphine and Divine received hairdressing trainings but they still lacked soft skills. “I learned about SDEPAY project trainings through our sector’s officials, I thought it was a great idea to learn about entrepreneurship and other skills that are helpful in everyday life” says Delphine.

After the trainings Delphine and Divine decided to start their own business; a hair salon and as a way to reach bring their strength together. “Before joining the Work Ready Now trainings, I used to be nonchalant with my clients, I did not know how to satisfy them or for instance make a small discount so they can stay and even come back another time. I learned all this in the module of retaining customers” Delphine adds. “One of the lessons I learned that has helped till now is to save money, I learned how I can avoid overspending, I used to buy stuff on a whom without weighing if I really needed them. Another lesson was taking care of our customers and listen to them” Divine says. Their salon has a big hit in the neighborhood especially since it’s the only salon that does hair for both women and men. They plan to expand their business in Kiziguro city to reach a wider market.

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