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Embracing E-Lessons

Isabane Mugeni Janviere is a trainer at Gatsibo TVET school in the Domestic Electricity trade. She shared the impact BRITE project e-lessons has had on both on trainers and students. “The impact of blended learning is great. As a trainer, the first impact is that the module takes a little time and the module is effective. Another good thing about these e-lessons, students have access to them even after classes and the next day they have a glimpse of what we will cover in that module” says Janviere.

The e-lessons produced by BRITE project have been well embraced and both learners and trainers due to the changes the program has brought in their studies. “We are grateful for the resources that were increased thanks to this project, students appreciate the materials they find on moodle platform as the videos are from local trainers showcasing the items used in our trade even the English spoken is moderate so that our students are not lost” she adds. Janviere continued sharing the challenges trainers and learners have faced since the launch of the project and how they have overcome them; “We used to have slow and not enough connectivity at this school but it was recently upgraded. Another challenge was the low ICT literacy from our students, most of them were not familiar with using computers/laptops but with this project, the more time they spend learning through e-lessons, the more they become familiar and they can navigate the lessons easily” says Janviere.

Janviere, a trainer at Gatsibo TVET school

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