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A Suit-able Career

Updated: Aug 8, 2019


Summer 2019 Intern, Layla Weiss conducted an interview with Niere Chantal, a student at one of AKA's implementing partner's seamstress academies.

Layla: Mwaramutse

Chantal: Thank you. Good Morning. My is Nirere Chantal. I am here as an Akazi Kanoze youth. I got information from youth who joined this activity before me and I decide to join the Akazi Kanoze Group for having more knowledge, be developed, help in the development of my country, and help other youth to develop themselves by eradicating poverty. Thank you!

Layla: Why is this program important to you?

Chantal: This program is very important to youth because there are many unemployed youth outside here who finished high school but did not have the ability to continue in farther classes. This is helped them to be developed in other ways and help them to create they own job. Like me for example I have finished my primary and secondary school, but I was not able to pursue in university because of financial problems but I get to know that there is this program that help youth to improve themselves and I decided to come to learn it for me to have a better life. Thank you!

Layla: What valuable skills have you learned in this program?

Chantal: Since I was in my high school I always dreamt about having practical skills but wonder how I will get it, when I knew that this program will help me to achieve my dream I was happy. The skills that I learn are basically how to measure clothes, to use pedal, but now I know how to measure, to cut and to pedal in short I am ready to improve my livelihood from knowledge got from this program. Thank you!

Layla: What is your dream? What would you like to pursue after this program?

Chantal: After this program I have an idea of looking for a job or if I have some financial means I can create my own workshop and put in action the knowledge I got from this program and encourage other youth to join this program because it helps to improve someone’s life and help others to understand it. Thank you!

Layla: Murakoze!

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