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Boss Lady

Odette is her new cantine where she sells different products

Odette Uwingeneye is a HDAK graduate, she lives in Rukomo sector, Musanze district. She received the WRN & BYOB trainings through one of HDAK’s Implementing Partners AVSI Gicumbi. Prior to receiving WRN & BYOB trainings, Odette had started a small business of selling tea in her village. “After finishing my secondary school and when I understood my parents will not find necessary funds for me to go to university, I started thinking about something no matter how small I could that would bring me income. That is how I started serving tea to people” says Odette. She received a starting capital of 80,000 Rwandan francs from her parents.

After receiving Work Ready Now training Odette has expanded her business. “I now own a cantine, I kept serving tea with some pastries. My clientele has increased because I have changed the way I do business thanks to Huguka Dukore Akazi Kanoze (WRN & BYOB) I learned about personal development, customer care, innovation, safety and security at workplace among other things. I can testify that those lessons are the reason my business has expanded” she says

Onwards and Upwards!

Odette continues her journey to strive for excellence. She is now part of a SILC group where the saving amount has increased to 9,000 rwf per week from 3,000 rwf last year. She took a loan in a local bank of 150,000 rwf and she has finished to pay it off.

Currently Odette has hired two permanent staff that help her in her daily work. “I wanted to give a hand to my fellow youth who also did not have a chance to finish school. My plan is to have a bigger supermarket in two years and the number of employees will increase obviously, I want to help as many young people possible” says Odette.

She advises her fellow youth to have confidence in themselves and not to deny themselves an opportunity. “Any amount can get you started, the only important thing is to have self-discipline and learn to save in order to achieve bigger dreams” she says.

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