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Chef Pâtissier in the making

My name is Callixte Nshimiyimana, I am from Ngoma sector, Huye district. I am 25 years old. The first time I heard about the trainings it was through friends who sent me the application offers. I applied and I got in, I have started in September 2018. I was a student at IPRC where I was also receiving trainings in electrical circuit installation.

I chose food processing because I am passionate about baking. I am proud of myself that I followed my passion. I have learned so many skills that I believe will be crucial in my journey as an entrepreneur. I can affirm that now my baking skills have improved. When I first got in my school, all I could do was to mix ingredients but now I can make tasty cakes from scratch. My favorite part is decorating cakes. A part from baking skills, I also acquired and used the skills from WRN & BYOB trainings,entrepreneurship skills to customer service skills and to have savings. I appreciate those courses from the trainings because they opened my mind and allowed me to think bigger.

Callixte at a bakery where he is learning more skills about baking, his passion

Today, my expectation is to graduate with enough skills that will let me find a wage-employed in that field of bakery or become an entrepreneur. That has always been my dream since I was young. My plan is to look for other students who are trained in food processing, I share my vision to grow in bakery then I call them to join me in that vision.

Thereafter, we can go to a financial institution that helps young people, like BDF, purposely to apply for a loan, so we can start our business in bakery. In the meantime, after the graduation I will start looking for a job just to keep practicing what I have learned during the work-based learning

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