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Community Leader

Youth Representative

Meet Clementine Mukansigaye, one of GROW graduates, she received GROW trainings through SOS Kacyiru one of Huguka Dukore Akazi Kanoze project Implementing Partners. Clementine had also participated in Akazi Kanoze trainings in 2012.

“I first heard about GROW program through our youth officials Jali sector, they were looking for youth with small business who are willing to learn how to boost their business through trainings. Joining this program was easy for me because I’m the youth leader at the Cell level” said Clementine.

Clementine is currently the VUP supervisor and has an agro vet shop. Vision 2020 Umurenge Program (VUP) - is an Integrated Local Development Program to Accelerate Poverty Eradication, Rural Growth, and Social Protection.

Helping each other

She affirms that the lessons she learned in GROW trainings have been helpful in her professional and entrepreneurial journey.

“The first important lesson I learned is savings, I have increased my savings specially to help me in my business. I also learned how to take good care of my customers and how to separate my revenues. I now have two bank accounts, personal and business accounts” she said.

Clementine (blue dress) supervising VUP work

Her employment and business are worth more than 300,000 rwf according to her. “My future plan is to expand my business, opening other agro vet shops in different sectors, also meeting my clients demands for instance seed and livestock treatment. My other plan is to hire 2 unemployed youth to help me in my business in the spirit of sharing my knowledge and helping them” she added.

Clementine advises youth to take every opportunity they get whatever small they think it is. She urges young people to stay open minded because the opportunities they call small might become huge ones. She also urges her fellow youth to start saving even if it is 100 rwf per week, in the end they will have a small amount and start a small business to support them in their daily needs.

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