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Cooking Is My Passion

Hope Dusabe is a former Esther’s Aid student. Esther’s Aid is one of Huguka Dukore Akazi Kanoze’s Implementing Partners. Odette completed culinary training in at Esther’s Aid and she received an internship at Serena Hotel, a five-star hotel.

“I chose culinary because I was passionate about cooking and I thought it was a noble profession that can help me get a better life. The Work Ready Now and Be Your Own Boss made me appreciate more this profession. I learned to respect my job, akazi kanoze means a job well done and it simply means to be professional in everything you; provide quality services and I learned this through HDAK” says Hope.

After Hope has finished her internship, her supervisors offered her a part-time job because she has shown that she can be reliable and professional. This testimony is similar from different employers who welcome youth who received WRN & BYOB in their companies, the youth are professional and know what they want which is appreciated by all employers.

Hope is appreciative to HDAK because one of the valuable traits she has now is to be proactive in her work; “I no longer sit around waiting for my boss to show up and give me work I just look around and start working while my boss is dealing with something else” she says.

Hope (holding a plate) with her colleagues showing a meal they prepared

A leader in my kitchen world

As her name describes it, Hope remains hopeful about her future. She plans to become a full time employee by next year but mainly her dream is to be a kitchen manager in the coming years and there is no doubt she will achieve her goals due to hard work and discipline she already demonstrates on a daily basis.

She also has a couple of advice to give to her fellow youth out there; “my advice to youth would be to never underestimate any job without counting so much on a salary. Youth need to just start and hope that everything else will fall into place” Hope says. She reminds them that if you do not practice what you have learned in 90 days, chances are that you will start forgetting about them.

Opportunities will not find them in their comfort zones, they have to accept the challenges and keep knocking on doors, one day they will knock on the right one.

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