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Discipline and Hard Work

This is a story of Niyitegeka Isaie, a 32 years old, who is a graduate of Huguka Dukore Akazi Kanoze (HDAK) project. He lives in Nyarugenge district, Nyamirambo sector. He started what was called Akazi Kanoze 2 trainings in 2009. Isaie received those trainings through Caritas Rwanda with other youth who did not have a chance to finish school. “When I started the trainings I had a small business of selling chapati on the road. The trainings really came in handy especially on the importance of savings, setting short and long term goal” says Isaie. In those savings, Isaie has accomplished so many astounding things; he got married and he bought a bike to help him increase his revenues. “I am grateful for Akazi Kanoze trainings, I would have never started savings if it was not for the skills I learned”.

Due to his hard work and having a running business, Isaie was selected to pursue GROW trainings which are part of HDAK project. The program aims to help youth who already have income generating activities to grow their businesses through trainings. He joined the program in the beginning of 2019 and was among other youth who have their business in order to help them to increase their earnings. “The main lesson I learned through GROW is to use well the profit I have gained from my business. For instance if my profit of the day is 15,000 RWF, instead of spending all, I know how much to save and how much goes into other projects” says Isaie.

He is a great example that hard work and the right skills can get you far in life. His journey still continues because he is a man full of future plans and he knows his work will pay off.

Isaie has now expended his business, he has 2 motorbikes and a house he plans to rebuild before next year ends. “One of my biggest accomplishment is to have 2 motorbikes without a loan and now I am able to help a fellow youth by renting them the second bike. My future plan is to help more youth and I know so many of them who need a little push. I am also planning by end of next year to live in my own house and be done with renting. I am sure that I will achieve my goal” he said.

As someone who drives a motorbike in Kigali, Isaie is part of one of motorbike cooperatives. Recently, he was selected to be among motorbike drivers who would drive around delegates attending the International Conference on AIDS (which takes place in Kigali in December 2019). He was trusted and tasked by the organizers of this international event because of his discipline, professionalism, customer service. Today he thanks Akazi Kanoze Access and GROW leaders for selecting and capacitating him sufficiently at the level of being an important young boy.

Isaie with one of his motorbikes

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