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Dream came true

This group of 20 members (12 females, 8 males) is called “ABAHUJEKUDODA” which means those who came together because of tailoring. They are located in Gasabo district, Rusororo sector. They met each other through tailoring trainings. “After receiving tailoring trainings, we also got GROW trainings from Huguka Dukore Akazi Kanoze project. These trainings were complementary to the tailoring ones because we basically learned how to start and grow a business from skills we already had” said Beata one of the group members.

These young people were trained through one of HDAK’s Implementing Partners (IPs), SOS Kacyiru. They have decided to start their own tailoring shop. Therefore, they have requested a loan of 2 million Rwandan francs. HDAK Project has an agreement with 2 banks that will support youth who need to start their business, through loans that do not require collateral. “When we heard about this, we requested a team from HDAK project to help us apply for the loan. We got the loan in less than 10 days; we could not believe it. We immediately started looking for sewing machines” added Beata.

The best service

Currently the group has found all the materials needed, a house for rent for their shop and they are operational. “We have now started practicing what we have learned in GROW trainings. My favorite lesson was innovating the ways of providing services. For instance, if I have a customer who wants a dress, I make sure I give them a purse to match with the dress. That way, I give the best service, I retain my customer and they recommend other customers. Basically my clients are kings and queens to me” says Donata, a member of the group.

Beata and Donata in their tailoring workshop

The group has already started paying off the loan. Although they still have a challenge of finding customers as new business owners. But they are devoted to work hard and keep practicing skills that have gained through all the trainings. Their goal is to become a big tailoring house and start training other young people who wish to learn about tailoring. They also have set the goal to pay all their loan within one year.

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