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It’s wine o’clock

Work-Based Learning also known as “Igira Ku Murimo” is one of the programs HDAK has proudly partnered with APEFE an international NGO to ensure that the youth in technical and vocational trainings have work exposure and experience from places that provide services they are being trained for.

This is a story of Emmanuel Nshimiyimana, 27 years old who resides in Shingiro Sector, Musanze district, one of the students learning on workplace. He has been following the 1-year training in Food Processing. We met him at an enterprise that produces banana-based alcohol beverages.

Before joining these trainings, Emmanuel was an electrician, he was working in Bugesera district when he first heard about these trainings. “I knew that I had to take the trainings. I chose Food Processing because since I was a teenager I was inspired by entrepreneurs in that area of work from my neighborhood. I am passionate about wine making and now I can make more than 5 types of wine using fruits that are easily available” said Emmanuel.

Emmanuel holding a bottle of a banana wine

Emmanuel, second right , doing laboratory analysis with his colleagues

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