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My Business is my life

Clotilde Mutuyimana, a business woman, is a graduate from GROW trainings. She is a tailor and has a bar. Clotilde started tailoring ten years ago and she got better with time and now she is one of the best tailors in her sector. “I have clients from neighboring sectors and do miles and miles to seek my services. I honestly thank GROW trainings because they taught me how to care for customers and how to retain them by providing the best service because this business is my life” says Clotilde.

After noticing that her tailoring business was flourishing, Clotilde started to think about another business that can complete her previous one; that is how she started another business and now she is a proud owner of a bar. During GROW trainings, youth are always told to think how their business can grow from one step to another. As someone who already had a booming business, it was not hard for her to find a starting capital. “I had some savings I had put on the side and I started buying material like bottle racks, bottles and a fridge. Now my bar is operational and I have GROW trainings through Huguka Dukore Akazi Kanoze project to thank” says Clotilde.

The future is bright

When she is talking about her journey you can tell that she is proud of the progress she made and the work she has put in. “The thing that makes me happy is that even my customers noticed a change in the way I provide my services. I listen to them, their needs and try to respond to them. I learned to ask for feedback so that I can improve the quality of services. My life in general has changed due to the lessons I learnt in GROW trainings” she says.

Clotilde is looking to expand her business and have two separate business houses as the tailoring workshop and the bar are in the same house. “I am planning to reach that goal through a bank loan. I already have a saving group; the bank loan will complete the other savings” she added.

As a GROW alumni Clotilde urges youth to never underestimate any opportunity that can help them to better their lives especially trainings. She confirms that if she had not had these trainings her services would have stayed on a low level and maybe she would have closed but because she has knowledge on keeping record of her customers and separate her income, she knows where to put efforts and hard work.

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