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Self-confidence is everything

Francois Shirubwoba is a young boy who lives in Nyaruguru District, Nyagisozi sector. He is a Huguka Dukore Akazi Kanoze graduate. Before starting Work Ready Now and Be Your Own Boss (WRN & BYOB) trainings, he used to work in hairdressing salon. “I had been working for someone else for almost two years and my dream has always been to work on my own account” says Francois

After completing the WRN & BYOB trainings, Francois also started technical trainings in hairdressing to increase his knowledge. “The first thing is the trainings have taught me is to have confidence in myself, then valuing and taking care of customers. I also learned to set goal. Everything I am doing now is based on that. I will always be grateful to HDAK project for equipping me with the right skills that will help me training” says Francois.

A year after finishing his trainings, Francois has opened his own hair salon (barbershop). “During the trainings, I learned the benefits of saving, I had already started the journey but I was doing it without a specific goal. When I was sure about having my own hair salon, I am glad that I had a small starting capital. I bought a hair clipper and I paid a 2 month rent” Francois added

Innovative mind

In the spirit of serving well his clients and retaining them, Francois has added a bonus of TV screen in his salon where he also shows movies, football games and he sells airtime. These services contribute to increase his revenues. “I charge my customers a small amount to watch movies or games and they appreciate this service due to a rural area not most of my clients have tv screens at their homes” he says.

Francois also does livestock activities; he has pigs and chickens which are also a source of revenues. His lifestyle has improved significantly as he generates income to sustain him but also he is able to have savings through his savings group with other young people. His plan is to expand his business and hire other young people from his area. He encourages other youth who are struggling economically to have a culture of setting goals as well as to start small no matter how small.

Francois in his barbershop

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