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There’s strength in working together

“Abahuje” (those who work together) youth group is located in Ruhango sector, Ruhango district. The group is made by 35 members (2 males, 33 females) in tailoring profession. Abahuje group got together after WRN & BYOB trainings at RODI one of Huguka Dukore Akazi Kanoze Implementing Partners in March 2020. “Due to Covid-19, we had to stop the trainings but it did not stop our group to come up with a solution while waiting to resume. Our group started saving with the initial amount of 200 rwf per week, members would save according to their means” says Rukundo Eric, Abahuje’s representative.

In the meantime, Ruhango district partnered with the Ministry of Youth and Culture and KOICA and they have Funded youth in Ruhango with technical skills to support them in the trying times of Covid-19. Abahuje group was among those youth. They have received financial support worth 6,500,000 Rwf. “We were able to purchase 22 ordinary sewing machines, 2 electrical ones, sewing fabric and other materials. Despite the economic crisis, we have managed to run our business and we have landed few jobs. This is our main source of income and we all can take care of ourselves and our families” says Eric.

Their long term goal is to register Abahuje at Rwanda Cooperative Agency as an official cooperative. “We have noticed that we were missing some opportunities for big tenders as we did not have all required documents, the process of registering our group was initiated and we believe our income will increase when we start bidding for bigger tender” Eric adds.

Abahuje group members are determined to work hard as they make profit from the donations and as they improve their lives.

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