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This my Hairitage

Regine Nyiransengiyumva from Jabana sector, Gasabo district is a HDAK graduate inn WRN & BYOB trainings at SOS Kacyiru one of the HDAK’s Implementing Partners. She shared with AKA team that joining the HDAK was one of the best things to happen to her. “Before joining here, I was someone with limited knowledge and I would do any small jobs available in my neighborhood or would help my parents gardening other people’s land. I was lacking vision and ambition regarding what I wanted to achieve in the future” said Regine. Many other young people who join this program testify that their mindset change after the Work Ready Now and Be Your Own Boss (WRN &BYOB) trainings. They learn all the skills necessary to become a successful entrepreneur.

Life changing opportunity

After completing the HDAK trainings, Regine started hairdressing trainings. “I chose hairdressing because I have always loved doing hair and also because with this profession, I can work from home, customers come with hair to braid. My careful work is my marketing tool because a customer brings another, etc.” she continued. Even if she still has a few months to complete her trainings, Regine has started harvesting fruits from her labor. She is able to get around 10,000 Rwandan Francs during the weekend as she is having training during weekdays.

Regine braiding her colleague during the trainings

As many youths who dream to become one day entrepreneurs, Regine states that the biggest challenge for her and most of fellow youth remains accessing to finance. Nevertheless, she stays optimistic that from the skills and knowledge she received in WRN&BYOB she will find a solution to that challenge. “Besides doing hair and nails, I have gained other skills in these trainings thanks to Huguka Dukore Akazi Kanoze, especially team working, respecting time, handling customers, among others. The most important skill I have learned is to save the little income I earn as I prepare to have my business later” Regine confided.

What she is hoping for the future is to open her own hair saloon one day but, in the meantime, she wishes to look for a job in a saloon as she keeps mastering her craft. In plus, Regine belongs to the saving & loan group, where she gets to save up 3,000 Rwandan francs per week. Through that, her savings will help her when she decides it is time for her to wear the entrepreneur cap.

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