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Together for greatness

Alice Dukuzimana is a Work Ready Now and Be graduate who was trained in AEE Huye, one of Huguka Dukore Akazi Kanoze Implementing Partners. After GROW trainings, Alice and her colleagues have decided to create a group of shoemakers. The group is comprised of 8 members; 6 males and 2 females. All members had a training in shoe making before joining GROW program. It became easy for them to work together afterwards.

When we started the business of shoe making and shoes repairing shop, it was a good opportunity for us because we were the first to open a shop of that kind in the area. It was not complicated to gain customers and to build our name and we have been working only for 6 months” said Alice.

Although every member has shares in the company, at the end of the month they sit together to split profits depending on how many orders they have made. Besides those profit, everyone gets to have profits depending on how much they have invested in the company.

“I think that the reason we have managed to attract customers is because of the skills we have gained from the WRN & BYOB trainings. My personal favorite was how to retain customers; by providing the best service, giving them the best care. I am always ready to receive feedback from them to help me improve my work” says Eric one of the group member

Visionary Entrepreneur

Although the group has made its name in the area they work from, they still face a couple of challenges. There is still a problem of both the cost of raw material and transportation. Which is among the solutions Alice is trying to bring.

“My dream is to open a shop for raw materials and a shoe making factory. That way my fellow shoe makers will find raw material near them. I have started saving for this project and I have high hope that I will achieve that” says Alice.

The youth who were introduced to the skills offered through WRN & BYOB specifically “setting goals” and “saving” trainings, their testimony on how those trainings have changed their lives and how they have opened their minds is always incredible to witness.

Alice in the shoe-making workshop

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